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Music to My Ears Electroacoustic Music Presentation by Joshua Tomlinson
Joshua Tomlinson
Joshua D. Tomlinson | Composer

The first annual Jacksonville Electroacoustic Music Festival is taking place Saturday Nov 20, 2021 at the University of North Florida. 

"Music to my Ears" is a one hour live presentation that highlights the history of electroacoustic music along with guided listening to modern works.


Forged in the 20th century, electroacoustic music is a fascinating genre that combines musical concepts with modern technology to create sounds otherwise impossible with traditional instruments.


This lecture is ideal for music undergraduates, but appropropriate for any group interested in an engaging introduction to the world of electronic music.


Contact Joshua to schedule a talk.


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New Music for You

I compose new music for solo performance, ensembles, dance companies, and multimedia art installations. To start a collaboration or commission a new work, please send me a message.

I am a composer, sound designer, Instructor and Area Coordinator of Music Technology at the University of North Florida. My creative work is primarily electroacoustic, including fixed media and live electronics.