Music composed for:

Large Ensemble

Trial By Fire, Wind Ensemble and Live Electronics 2021
Apéritif, Orchestra 2016



The Quality of Mercy, Choir 2014


Fixed Media 

Keyboard & Coffee, Fixed Media 2017

Splitting the Atom, Fixed Media 2017

From Sacred Texts, Quadrophonic Fixed Media 2017

A Traveler’s Daydream, Fixed Media 2016

Convergences, Fixed Media 2015

Nadia’s Sonage, Fixed Media 2015

Audible Desserts, Fixed Media 2012

A History Lesson, Fixed Media 2012

is this what He had in mind?, Fixed Media 2012

At the Cellular Level, Fixed Media 2011


Live Electronics

Trial By Fire, Wind Ensemble and Live Electronics 2021
Theophany, Soprano Sax, Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet & Live Electronics (Dissertation)

A Short Story, Typewriter, Lamp & Live Electronics 2018

to be seen and heard, Violin & Electronics 2014


Mixed Media / Collaborations

MonkeyWrench, Video and Electronics 2019

Convergences, Video and Electronics 2019

Sand, Ballet for Violin & Electronics 2017



I Almost Remember, Percussion Quartet 2013



Unsung Lullabies, Piano and Cello 2019

Jaunt, Prepared Piano Duet 2011


Rock Ensemble

Ancient Notes, Rock Ensemble 2007

Marionette Masquerade, Rock Ensemble 2007

My Valediction, Rock Ensemble & Strings 2006

The Train Song, Rock Ensemble & Barbershop Quartet 2006

Inner Conflict, Rock Ensemble 2005

Broken Chains, Rock Ensemble 2005

Permanent Stain, Rock Ensemble 2004

Case of the Mondays, Rock Ensemble 2004

Letter From a Recluse, Rock Ensemble 2004



Unsung Lullabies, Piano and Cello 2019

A Temporary Stay, Solo Violin 2017

Caution: This Beverage is Hot, Solo Guitar 2014

Public Radio East Theme, Bluegrass Ensemble 2013



Death Before Decaf, Saxophone Quartet 2022
Trial By Fire, Wind Ensemble and Live Electronics 2021
Another Jaunt, Bassoon Quintet 2017

Oh, Let Them Play!, Wind Quintet 2016

(When No One’s Around) II & III, Solo Clarinet 2015

Something Human, Solo Flute 2015

(When No One’s Around), Solo Clarinet 2014

A Quasi-Friendly Political Discourse Becomes Heated, Bassoon Quartet 2012

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